Meet Our Team

Darlene M. Davis, CPA

Darlene M. Davis is the firm’s managing partner and principal owner. She is a graduate of Saint Louis University and is licensed as a certified public accountant by the state of Missouri.

Prior to founding the firm in 2000, she worked as Chief Financial Officer of two privately held businesses where she managed the accounting, finance and human resource departments for both entities. She traveled the world while employed by a major manufacturer of agricultural products, auditing its worldwide plants, offices, and operations. She began her professional career with one of the region’s largest CPA firms. She was an Inroads Intern with the General Dynamics Corporation.

Davis has over 20 years of progressive accounting, audit and tax experience and has expertise primarily in the areas of small business management, litigation support, not for profits and church & clergy accounting and tax matters.

Lorry A. Mahone, CPA, CIA

Lorry A. Mahone is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), currently serving as the firm’s Director of Accounting Services and Operations. In this key leadership role, she oversees the firm’s accounting, payroll, and human resource functions, while also designing and implementing processes aimed at exceptional service delivery. Her career began on a strong note with a Fortune 100 consumer beverage company. From there, she climbed the ranks, taking on a variety of increasingly responsible positions in both accounting and auditing. With an impressive tenure of over 35 years in the industry, Lorry has developed a broad expertise in accounting and auditing.

Angie Dennis, MBA

Angie Dennis, who holds an MBA, serves dual roles as the Firm Administrator and the Executive Assistant to the Principal. In these capacities, she is the cornerstone for day-to-day office operations, managing everything from client services to business development while adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards. Angie also takes the lead in coordinating office and facility services, as well as managing schedules and appointments. A graduate of Lindenwood University, she earned her B.A. in Communication before going on to secure a master’s degree in business administration. Her educational background, coupled with her managerial skills, makes her a vital asset to the firm, especially in areas that require a harmonious blend of operational acumen and client engagement.

Judi Myers, Payroll Associate

Judi Myers holds the position of Payroll Associate at the firm, specializing in delivering full payroll services to the firm’s small business clientele. Drawing from her extensive experience in client services, business operations, and process improvement, Judi is committed to providing professional and personalized services to each of her clients. A native of Chicago, Illinois, she brings a unique perspective, further enriched by her educational background; she holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Western Illinois University. Her combination of practical experience and academic credentials makes her a key asset to the firm, particularly in areas requiring meticulous attention to client needs and operational efficiency.

Chester Clark, Tax Associate

Chester Clark serves as a Tax Associate at Davis Associates CPA, where he functions as an expert tax resource consultant for clients. In this role, he not only contributes to the preparation of annual income tax returns but also handles various other filings, including monthly, quarterly, and annual federal, state, and city tax submissions for sales, use, and payroll as needed. With expertise in tax accounting. Chester offers a versatile skill set that greatly benefits the firm. He holds an Executive MBA in Forensic Accounting and a B.S. in Cyber Security, both from Lindenwood University. His extensive experience encompasses client relations, tax and consulting services, client account management, and outsourced accounting, making him a well-rounded professional in his field. 

Alicia Sanford, Tax Administrative Associate

Hailing from East St. Louis, IL, and a resident of the St. Louis metro area for over two decades, Alicia brings local familiarity to her role. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, specializing in Management and Marketing, from Columbia College in St. Louis, MO. Her blend of academic background and practical know-how makes her an integral part of the team.

Leticia Caruthers,

Leticia is the firm’s current intern, specializing in payroll processing and tax responsibilities for our Consumer Directed Services’ clients. Beyond these duties, she also assists in preparing balance sheets, income statements, and tax returns. A soon-to-be graduate of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Leticia is on track to earn her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Her academic credentials, combined with the practical experience she’s gaining through her internship, position her as an emerging talent in the field of accounting.

JoAnn Brown, Payroll Associate

JoAnn W. Brown recently joined Davis Associates CPA as a Payroll Associate, a role in which she demonstrates her comprehensive knowledge in full-service payroll functions. Her responsibilities encompass processing payroll for multiple clients, reconciling payroll details, and managing tax liabilities. JoAnn’s exceptional work ethic and dedication to professional excellence ensure that every aspect of payroll is conducted with precision and accuracy.  Her commitment to facilitating optimal professional experiences for clients is evident in her approach to maximizing office productivity and efficiency. JoAnn stands out for her unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, a cornerstone in building strong client relationships at the firm.  In her role at Davis Associates CPA, JoAnn is more than a payroll professional; she is a key contributor to the firm’s reputation for reliability and quality service. Her expertise in handling intricate payroll details and her proactive approach in managing client needs make her a valuable asset to the team and the clients she serves.

Felicia Young, Administrative Office Assistant

Felicia Young brings over 31 years of corporate office experience to her role as the Administrative Office Assistant at Davis Associates CPA. In this capacity, she plays a critical role in client acquisition and retention, ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of the office. Her contributions are key in maintaining executive support and managing firm-client relationships, vital for the firm’s growth and success.  Her extensive career includes a 12-year background in Payroll and Accounts Payable and 9 years in Training, reflecting a deep understanding of corporate operations. Felicia’s strong work ethic and commitment to efficiency have made her a respected figure in the administrative domain.  A graduate of National Louis University, Felicia holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, complemented by a Professional Secretarial Degree from Hickey Business College. Her educational foundation, coupled with her broad experience, enables her to adeptly manage client billing and cash flow, crucial for the firm’s financial health.  Felicia’s role at Davis Associates CPA goes beyond typical administrative tasks; she is instrumental in fostering an environment of professionalism and outstanding customer service. Her dedication to operational excellence makes her a cornerstone of the firm’s administrative team.

Marlene Evans, Administrative Accounting Associate

Marlene Evans, serving as an Administrative Accounting Associate at Davis Associates CPA, is a dedicated professional known for her effective client management and administrative accounting prowess. With her roots in Jamaica, Marlene brings a unique global perspective to the firm, enriched by her academic background and goal-oriented approach.

Earning her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Technology, Jamaica, Marlene’s educational journey laid a solid foundation for her career. Her responsibilities at Davis Associates CPA involve acquiring and retaining clients, streamlining office operations, and providing critical management support, all of which are essential for the firm’s efficiency and success.  Marlene’s approach is characterized by her quick learning ability and her talent as a team player. These qualities paint the picture of a well-rounded individual who brings both technical skills and personal depth to her role.  In her position, Marlene is not only a key player in the accounting department but also a vital contributor to the firm’s client relationships. Her commitment to ensuring the effective operation of the accounting department and maximizing cash flow stands as a testament to her invaluable contribution to Davis Associates CPA.