Church Accounting & Clergy Tax Seminar

As a member of the clergy, are you aware of the special tax treatment you are entitled to from the IRS? Are you concerned about the increased scrutiny that churches and clergy are under by the governing authorities? Are your church financial and tax issues becoming more challenging? Many church officials have found the area of stewardship over finances and taxes to be a challenge. Through professional advice and training we can help you overcome this obstacle.

Davis Associates, CPAs has prepared an educational program that explains, in clear understandable language, the components of maintaining adequate financial records, key sections of the tax code that relate specifically to clergy and churches and a systematic approach of transferring this knowledge to church officials who are responsible for keeping watch over church finances.

If you are a leader in a church, responsible for church accounting and/or finances, a trustee, deacon, financial advisor to the clergy, church finance department employee, volunteer, minister, pastor, pastor’s wife or overseer, we invite you to attend the “Church Accounting & Clergy Tax SeminarĀ®.” We will show you how to minimize your tax liability and protect the assets of your church. You will learn how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service in the event of an audit. We will share strategies with you to deal with the collections department of the IRS. Contact us for the seminar schedule.

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